Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Library services in the Township

As you may have noticed there have been articles in this newspaper recently regarding the upcoming discontinuation of library service at Milford Bay and Walkers Point. After many years of collecting and compiling usage statistics for both the Milford Bay and Walkers Point library deposit stations, (by definition deposit stations are library outlets that are open less than 12 hours), the Muskoka Lakes Public Library Board has come to the fiscally responsible, albeit difficult conclusion that the Township taxpayer would be better served by closing both outlets. Closure is due to lack of membership, lack of usage and cost of operation per member at the two locations. To confirm what the statistics illustrated, the Library Board also consulted The Ontario Public Library Guidelines and the Ontario Public Libraries Act. The Library Board’s decision will ensure that library funds are spent in accordance with the approved budget and in such a way as to best meet the needs of the residents of Township of Muskoka Lakes who presently use the Township Library facilities.

The Library Board is pleased to announce, however, that the community of Milford Bay has made a proposal to Council to become a Community Book Exchange operated by volunteers. Walkers Point is also in the process of developing a plan that would see the facility managed by volunteers. To assist in this forward thinking endeavour, the Library Board will assist with the transition, leaving the collection of books and videos as well as the furnishings at each of the facilities.

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